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Conjunto Califas plan new album for 2019

conjunto califas

The versatile, amazing Conjunto band, Conjunto Califas announced via Facebook about a new single in the works. The Visalia, California-based band is the hottest, explosive band on the west coast.

Conjunto Califas has humorous hits such as “El Sancho”, “El Lowrider” and the continuous smash hit “Put It On Facebook”.  The band also changes it up with classics songs like, “Daddy’s Home”, ” Tell It Like It is”, and the 1985 Country hit by George Strait, “The Chair “.

Jaime Moreno, accordionist and back up vocalist, stated life happens, kids graduating, etc., and they never got back into the studio. A meeting of the band members which are Andrew Trevino, drums and lead vocals, Freddie Saenz on bajo sexto and back up vocals, Paul Garcia on bass and background vocals, discussing the future of Conjunto Califas.

“Time to put the pedal to the metal,” said Moreno.

The challenge during the time off for Conjunto Califas and for most bands is the monotonous routine of performing at gigs.

“As an artist, to be able to revamp and re-emulate as if it’s the first gig,” said Trevino in an interview with Tejano Nation contributor Elisa “DJ Peaches” Jaimez.  “Every gig needs to be fun, exciting and memorable.”

Trevino added Conjunto Califas is about getting together and having a good time, not only for the fans but for themselves as well. Contributing his band to being not only the best of friends but family.

Trevino plans on hopefully getting gigs in Florida and other states and being more active on social media.

Conjunto Califas have established their own unique sound, trademarking their uniqueness. Look for more music from Conjunto Califas in 2019.

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Listen: Jaime Moreno and Andrew Trevino of Conjunto Califas speak on latest band news

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