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Celebrate the new year with Tejano Nation’s Top 50 of 2018

Countdown the end of the year with Tejano Nation's Top 50 of 2018!

It’s that time of the year to look back at the biggest Tejano songs of the year with the Tejano Nation Top 50 of 2018.

The past year featured the passing of a Tejano music icon with the death of Jimmy Gonzalez in June and the list boasts four songs from the multiple Grammy winner and a tribute song for him from a collaboration of artists.

The year also featured the emergence of young female singers, including the youngest ever to win a Tejano Music Award, with 11-year-old Mia honored as Best New Female Artist in November

The Top 50 of 2018 includes hit songs from the biggest stars in Tejano that released highly-anticipated albums this year, including Elida Y Avante, Lucky Joe, Siggno and Stefani Montiel.

Check out Tejano Nation’s Top 50 of 2018 playlist on Spotify, in no particular order, as the list was determined using Spotify and radio airplay data of Tejano Nation radio affiliates, reader feedback, and staff opinion. Any song that spent the majority of its chart life in 2018 is eligible.

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LISTEN: Tejano Nation Top 50 of 2018

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