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Jaime Y Los Chamacos break up?

Facebook / Jaime DeAnda Los Chamacos

Has Jamie Y Los Chamacos broken up? That’s the question many fans are asking this week after some social media posts by band members.

No official statement has been released by JYLC, but according to a social media post by frontman Jaime DeAnda, he is currently looking for new band members.

“Looking for a bajo, bass, congas and drummer…inbox me,” DeAnda posted on Wednesday.

A social media post by DeAnda’s wife, Darlene, gave a little more insight into a breakup saying, “People only say what they want you to know, but there are two sides to every story and the only people that know the whole story are the ones that are involved. All I can say is that Jaime DeAnda loves his job and his fans too much to quit. Keep an eye out because this isn’t the end of Jaime DeAnda, it is just a new beginning…Jylc Chamacos is no longer affiliated with us!”

Jaime Y Los Chamacos have been entertaining fans with their high-energy, signature sound since 1982 and released many successful albums and classic hits including “Yolanda,” “Mi Musica Favorita,” and many more. The band has received multiple Grammy and Latin Grammy nominations and was inducted into the Tejano R.O.O.T.S. Hall of Fame in 2011.

In October, the band suffered a devastating loss when their van and trailer filled with over $150,000 in equipment was stolen while the band was eating lunch at a Houston, Texas restaurant.

Is this the end of the legendary band JYLC? We’ll have to wait for an official statement to know more.

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