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Omie Mendoza releases music video for debut solo single ‘Te Amo’ ft. Stephanie Lynn

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Omie Mendoza has released the official music video for his debut solo single “Te Amo” featuring Stephanie Lynn.

The visual features Mendoza and Stephanie Lynn playing on opposite sides in a men versus women softball game.

“Te Amo” is the debut solo single for Mendoza, who is also a vocalist for progressive cumbia band M-Dos. The reggaeton-infused track was written by Mendoza and Mony De La Garza, with production by Roland “RoRo” Gutierrez.

“We got together, I gave them my idea,” said Mendoza in a recent interview with Tejano Nation radio affiliate Fiesta 92.1. “I told them who I already wanted work with, which was Stephanie Lynn…worked out amazing and I love her voice. I love the production on it, I mean it’s a great track, I really enjoy it.”

The video was filmed in Alice, Texas by Roger Zamora of San Antonio-based Rogy Productions. and features many dance scenes choreographed by Carlos Cano.

“Whenever you hear a song and you really like it, you end up liking it for awhile, but then when you see a video it kind of gives you a whole new vision onto the song,” Mendoza said. “You kind of get whole new fresh take on it, so I’m hoping this will kind of do that. You know, influence other people to see it the way I wrote it.”

“Te Amo” featuring Stephanie Lynn is available now at all digital music platforms.  Mendoza is also planning to release a full solo album.

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WATCH: Omie Mendoza — “Te Amo” (featuring Stephanie Lynn)



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