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Los Amigos ASG cover ‘Amigo’ for latest single [AUDIO]

Los Amigos ASG have released “Amigo”, the lead single from their upcoming project. The song was composed by Roberto Carlos and was a hit for the legendary Pio Treviño Y Magic.

The high-energy cumbia band from Cuero, Texas, are “A Second Generation” of the original Los Amigos, originally led by Albert Garcia, Sr. Now, his sons Albert Garcia, Jr and Phillip Garcia are leading the next generation of the band.

Phillip Garcia, the group’s musical director and producer, says he’s been fan of the song “Amigo” since he was younger.

“That song always stood out to me, even as a little kid,” Garcia told Tejano Nation. “When I grew up and became a musician, that song always stayed in the back of my mind. I’ve always wanted to play it and record it.”

Los Amigo ASG added their own style to the classic track to introduce it to the newer generation of Tejano fans.

“I always wanted to change it up,” he added. “I could never figure out a way to update it in our way. Everybody knows us for our cumbias and it was the right time to bring this song out.”

The group brings a blend of new style while keeping with traditional Tejano soul. Los Amigos ASG consists of five members, vocalist Richard Garza, drummer Albert Garcia Jr, guitarist Blaze Fernandez, bassist Xavier Olguin and Phillip Garcia on keyboards, accordion and saxophone.

Learn more about Los Amigos ASG at their official Facebook page, @LosAmigos.ASG.

“Amigo” is available now at all major digital platforms.

LISTEN: “Amigo” — Los Amigos ASG

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