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Ashley Quintanilla drops debut single ‘Te Vas’ [AUDIO]

Ashley Quintanilla | Courtesy photo

Ashley Quintanilla released her debut single, “Te Vas,” on May 18.  The romantic cumbia from the Corpus Christi, Texas native was written by Mario Newman Jr. and produced by Lorenzo Banda. It is the lead single from her upcoming debut album Vivir Otra Vez.

“‘Te Vas’ is one of my favorite songs, just ’cause I can relate to the song,” Quintanilla told Tejano Nation. “I released ‘Te Vas’ as my first single, because it’s the only song on the album, I got to put myself into besides vocally. I wrote the music and lyrics to the intro of the album version.”

An edited version of the song was sent to radio this week, but the album version’s intro is very special to Quintanilla.

“It’s such a cool song and one day I just sat at my keyboard and played and the first thing I heard I loved,” she said. “I had no idea I was gonna really use it, but people I showed it to loved it. I think it gives the song a uniqueness. I’m very happy with it.”

Vivir Otra Vez is being recorded at the famed Freddie Records studios in Corpus Christi, Texas with Mariano Herrera, who did the mixing and mastering for “Te Vas.”

Quintanilla plans to release an official music video for “Te Vas” in a couple of weeks and the album should be ready by the end of summer.

Stay up to date on Ashley Quintanilla, including upcoming events, on her official Facebook page, @AshleyQuintanillaOficial.

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LISTEN: “Te Vas” (Album Version) — Ashley Quintanilla



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