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Bajo Zero drops teaser video for upcoming single ‘En Este Bar’ [AUDIO]

Bajo Zero released a teaser video for their upcoming single, “En Este Bar,” on May 8.

It’s the lead single from the Florida-based band’s highly-anticipated new album from Avalos Recording Group. It will be the follow-up to their debut album Antes, released in December 2014. The album garnered lead vocalist Juan Jose Rodriguez a Tejano Music Award for Best New Male Artist at the 2015 Tejano Music Awards and a nomination for Bajo Zero as Best New Group.

As previously reported, the upcoming album will also feature production from Grammy winner A.B. Quintanilla. He announced the news via a live Facebook video in May 2016.

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“The name of the group is Bajo Zero…they’re really, really good. I’m going to make sure we give ’em a hot sound,” Quantanilla said. “The guys area amazing, they’re super talented. I was able to catch them at the Tejano Music Awards, they kicked ass. I really wanted to work with ’em and we made it happen, so I’m really excited.”

Tejano Nation will have more details on Bajo Zero’s upcoming new album as information becomes available. Follow Tejano Nation on FacebookTwitter and Instagram@TejanoNation, for the top trending Tejano news first!

LISTEN: “Es Este Bar” (Video Teaser) — Bajo Zero




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