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AJ Castillo announces release date for new album

AJ Castillo announced the release date for his highly-anticipated new album via social media on Saturday.

The singer posted the above photo on his Facebook page with the caption, “Excited for the release of The New Record/Cd/Album! Release Date 5.22.18.”

Castillo has been updating fans about the progress of the new album with videos and photos from the studio over the past year. He even gave Tejano Nation details on the upcoming album in a recent interview.

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The accordionist and singer gave details on the album via a Facebook video from the Good Vibes Studios in San Antonio, Texas last summer.

“I’m going to have some rancheras on the record,” said Castillo. “I have a ranchera I’m working on right now, hopefully we can get  Jaime DeAnda on it. Myself, Jaime and Albert Zamora. I want to do a crazy conjunto track that’s going to be like accordion abuse. So, hopefully we can make that happen.”

RELATED: AJ Castillo shares details on upcoming album [VIDEO]

The album should included some of Castillo’s recently released hits, “Actúa,” “Esta Noche,” and “Las Mujeres.”

Tejano Nation will have more details on Castillo’s new album as more information becomes available. Follow Tejano Nation on FacebookTwitter and Instagram@TejanoNation, for the latest Tejano music, news and entertainment.



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