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Anjelique releases relatable ‘Mi Vida Loca’ as latest single [AUDIO]

Anjelique released her highly-anticipated new single, “Mi Vida Loca,” on Tuesday (April 17).

It’s a song that everyone will relate to as it features the balancing adventures of everyday life in many families from parenthood, church, sports, meetings, and school.

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“These adventures may come with joys and frustrations but at the end of all the daily and weekly chaos in your Vida Loca, you wouldn’t trade it for the world, because one day these will only be memories,” said a press release from Zeravla Entertainment. “‘Mi Vida Loca’ is a trendy song with a catchy hook that will be stuck in your head way after the song is over!”

The track was written and produced by singer-songwriter, producer and three-time Grammy nominee Gabriel Zavala.

“Gabriel was right on point of what we wanted this song to say,” Anjelique posted about the song on her Facebook page. “Esta es mi vida loca y no la cambiaría!”

“Mi Vida Loca” is available on all digital music platforms today, as well as her official website www.AnjeliqueMusic.com.

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LISTEN: “Mi Vida Loca” — Anjelique

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