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Sunny Sauceda premieres official music video for ‘Que Te Vaya Bien’

Sunny Sauceda | YouTube

Sunny Sauceda Y Todo Eso premiered the official music video for their latest hit single, “Que Te Vaya Bien,” on April 3.

The video grabs your attention with sharp visuals wrapped in a beautiful Texas landscape.

“The video is kind of a serious video,” Sauceda told Tejano Nation. “We usually have videos that are kind of laid back, kick back. On this one, I kind of wanted to change it up, change the tone, because of the marketability the song had.”

The amazing track takes you back with life’s story of true love torn, while always wanting the best. Visions of relationships passion and struggles, “Que Te Vaya Bien.” It features reverb filled accordion, electric and acoustic guitar, driving bass, passionate percussion with keys touched in just the right places.

“It’s a sound that I have been tweaking with, or messing with, years ago,” added Sauceda. “But, I never got around to releasing anything with this sound, which is something new for us. We’re excited about it. It’s a love song, it’s a catchy melody and I think people are going to enjoy it.”

The song, produced by Raul Sanchez, is part of the group’s latest album DFM (Dios, Familia, Musica) released in February 2017.

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WATCH: “Que Te Vaya Bien” — Sunny Sauceda Y Todo Eso



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