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La Calma releases official music video for ‘Perdóname’

YouTube / VMB Music Group

La Calma released the official music video for their latest single “Perdóname” on March 12.

The visual for the song, written by La Calma bajo player Miguel Arizpe, features a man looking for forgiveness from his love.

“It’s a very powerful song that relates to a personal experience he had with a loved one,” La Calma frontman Leo Correa told Tejano Nation. “‘Perdóname’ is a song that many can relate to, about not realizing what you have until it’s gone. Take care of them while you have them because you never know when it will all come to an end and they will not forgive you, ever.”

“Perdóname” is the lead single from La Calma’s upcoming album expected to be released in April. It will be the group’s first album with new record label VMB Music Group.

“We are just so blessed after nine years of being together that we continue to put our hearts to give our Calma Nation hit music to relate to,” Correa added. “It has been one bumpy road for us, but as a brotherhood band we are very united and will continue our journey to reach our dreams and goals.”

Correa is very thankful for supporters of La Calma.

“One personal message I would love to send out to everyone is from the bottom of my heart I thank every single one who has believing in us throughout the years.” he said. “I love all my radio family who continues to push us through the airwaves, Tejano Nation and all our social media friends who keep La Calma alive with all the Calma updates and every single one of my fans who continue to support our dreams…I love you all!”

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WATCH: “‘Perdóname” — La Calma




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