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Neto Gutierrez releases debut solo single ‘Eres Tú’ [AUDIO]

Latin artist Neto Gutierrez released his debut solo single “Eres Tú” on February 2.

“Eres Tu” was written by Gutierrez and produced by Mario Ortiz, musical director and keyboardist for Jay Perez.

“This goes out to every woman that loves or would love their man to tell them ‘You are my everything’,” Gutierrez posted on his Facebook page about the song.

Eddie Perez of La Calma produced, mixed and recorded Gutierrez’s upcoming solo debut album A Mi Manera, which is scheduled to be released late February 2018. The album includes two tracks with special invited artists David Lee Garza and Ilyssa Saenz.

The San Antonio native is the second artist to be signed under JM3 Records and is also a part of the Why Not? Entertainment family. Gutierrez is a Latin singer, songwriter and former lead vocalist of Tejano Highway 281.

“Eres Tú” is now available on all digital platforms including iTunes and Apple Music.

LISTEN: “Eres Tú” — Neto Gutierrez




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