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‘Cada Dia’ is lead single from Remedio’s upcoming sophomore album


San Antonio, TEXAS – On Tuesday, October 17th, Grupo Remedio released the first single off their upcoming sophomore album on all music outlets. This single features lead singer of Remedio, Destiny Navaira, in a way she has never been heard before.

“This album is the album I have been dying to make for a long while,” said Destiny Navaira. “We have been writing for this album for a while now so it feels great to finally release new music to our fans.”

This album is the first released under their new record label, VMB Music Group.

The sound of “Cada Dia” sets the mood for Fall and the holiday season and is sure to attract the likes of all Tejano fans.

“I left it all in the studio when I recorded this new music,” said Destiny. “I was sure to sing my heart out while also leaving some for our live shows.”

Raulito Navaira and Grupo Remedio are no strangers to working together and have been for many years now. After the success of their first album, Siempre Cantando, the family is ready to hit the road and promote their sophomore album.

“I am ready to grab the bull by horns and go,” added Destiny. “I was taught to never allow my dreams to take a back burner and that’s exactly what I plan to do, cada dia.”

Follow @gruporemedio @destinynavaira @rigo_naviara @raulitooffficial on social media and www.gruporemedio.com to keep up with the groups shows, release dates and merchandise.

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