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Ray Ray goes country with ‘Pictures’ official music video

Ray Ray released the official music video for his debut country single “Pictures” during a video release party on Thursday night.

It premiered at the Thirsty Horse Saloon in San Antonio and the video’s director Michael Yammine says, “bringing Ray Ray’s vision and style for the song to life was quite a journey. I had a great time stepping out of my element and working on my first music video with him.”

The visual was filmed at the beautiful ranch A. C. Corral in San Antonio, Texas and we features cameos from several industry artists and friends of Ray Ray.

“We had a great time during the making of this video,” Ray Ray said. “It usually takes a day or two to complete a video, but this one took us three days. It’s obviously different for me, but I am and will always be versatile with my music.”

“Pictures” was co-written by Ray Ray and Feliciano Gallegos IV.  It was recorded by Eric “E-Rock” Avalos from Chavalos Music with Gabriel Barajas on drums, Eddie Gonzalez on harmonica and Ray Ray’s brother, Jesse Garcia on guitar.

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