Ram Herrera says ‘I was near death’ in exclusive interview with Fierro 107.5 HD2 [AUDIO]

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Ram Herrera has recovered after being hospitalized in July for pneumonia, a collapsed lung and infection.  The Tejano music legend said he “was near death” in an exclusive interview with Tejano Nation Radio affiliate Fierro 107.5 HD2 in Dallas.

Herrera told morning host Bo Leo, “I got very sick. I was near death, I was knocking on death’s door.”

The 57-year-old singer added that he received a bacterial infection while fishing.  An abrasion on his leg was infected by the water that led to his illness.

“I couldn’t barely talk, I couldn’t move. I was in so much pain,” he said.

The crooner has recovered and will now make his return to the stage at the Hi-Ho Ballroom in Grand Prairie, Texas on Friday night (Aug. 18).

Listen to the full interview below.

LISTEN:  Ram Herrera with Bo Leo on Fierro 107.5 HD2



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