Grupo Remedio to feature collaborations on upcoming sophomore album

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Destiny Navaira and Rigo Navaira of Remedio. (Courtesy photo)

San Antonio, TEXAS – Remedio is wrapping up their second studio album and are anticipating a release date very soon.

Remedio’s new album has taken a progressive route thanks to the help of some friends in the industry.

“It is nice to have the support of the Tejano industry while recording this album,” said Destiny Navaira, lead singer of Remedio.

Following such a successful album like Siempre Cantando, Remedio is excited to have the likes of well-known musicians be a part of the recording process.

“We can’t wait for our fans to hear our new stuff,” said Rigo Navaira. “We have some surprise collaborations up our sleeves.”

The Navaira family is humbled by the response in the last year. After being named “Best New Group”, “Best New Male” and “Best New Female” at the 2016 Tejano Music Awards, Remedio has sky rocketed into the scene with no signs of slowing down. Now signed with VMB Music Group, Remedio is at the forefront of Tejano music.

“It is natural to be excited about putting out a new album, but this is different,” said Destiny. “This is a new era of Remedio and it just feels right.”

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