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Sarah Monique officially signs with Mar Records


Sarah Monique has officially signed with Mar Records, the record label announced via social media on Monday (Aug. 14).

“It’s Now Official Welcome to the Mar Records Team Sarah Monique,” Mar Records posted on their official Facebook page. “We’ve been working on an amazing album for a while! Stay tuned for Sarah’s Latest Single!”

The Best New Female nominee at the 2014 Tejano Music Awards, Sarah Monique has been working on new music and said she was nervous about committing to the record label.

“As nervous as I was to commit to a label, I know deep down in my heart I did the best thing for my career,” Sarah Monique posted on her Facebook page. “My new musical family has already given me so much to look forward to and I am beyond excited to begin this new musical chapter.”

Sarah Monique released her debut album, Un Sueño Realidad, in 2013 and her cover of the Laura Canales classic, “Si Vivi Contigo” was especially popular, hitting #1 on a variety of Tejano radio stations from Texas to Washington state.  In 2016, her newest sensation “Volar featuring Aisha” hit #1 in several radio stations & was released to show the public what would be featured in her new album titled Regresa.

Sarah Monique will release her new single “Que Esperabas” soon.

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