La Calma reunites with original members, plans new album

La Calma | Facebook photo

Two original members of La Calma have rejoined the band as they ready a new album, according to La Calma frontman Leo Correa.

“Today marks our nine year anniversary as La Calma,” Correa posted on his Facebook page on July 8. “We have gone through so much as a group and like every relationship we all have our ups and downs but today it’s official, the original La Calma members are back and more ready than ever. Welcome back Michael Machado and Mack Segovia…CALMA NATION GET READY.”

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Michael Machado and Mack Segovia, who left the band almost a year ago, have decided to reunite with their former band members as they ready to release a new album with their new record label VMB Music Group.

La Calma signed with VMB Music Group back in March.

“We are so excited to be a part of the VMB Music Group family,” Correa said. “We’ve been working at this very hard. We’ve been at this a little over eight years…but as a group, there’s just so much you can do as an independent. It’s very hard to take it to that next level…There’s big plans for Grupo La Calma, a lot of collaborations they want to talk about with some of the other artists.”

Correa added La Calma will soon be releasing a new single, “Perdoname,” and plans to release a new album.


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