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Sesi offers free album download, readies for upcoming project

Sesi | SesiMusic.com

Sesi offered fans a free download of a never before released live concert album as she works on an upcoming project.

The award winning singer and songwriter posted a link to the free album download on her Facebook page on Tuesday (June 27).

“This concert was my first concert ever in Corpus Christi filmed in front of a live studio audience in 2005, exactly 12 years ago this month,” Sesi told Tejano Nation.  “I was inspired by the new project to release this never released project to my fans, a true 100% free gift to them, the people who message me not to give up, who literally wait for a new project and haven’t given up on me, how can I charge them for this? I love every single one of them, and actually all my music is available for free download on my website, www.sesimusic.com.”

The exclusive “en vivo” album will only be available or 12 days to commemorate 12 years ago that the concert was recorded. It includes the hit singles “Ya No Seras” and “Baila Mi Baby”.

“We are currently working on something very similar, but will include my most latest music along with three bonus tracks,” Sesi added.

The singer is back in the studio working with a team of writers and producers, including Grammy nominee Diandra, on her new album under the label MDX Music Group.

Sesi released her first full studio album Chiquita Pero Picosa, produced by Pete Astudillo, in 2001 when she was just 14 years old.

In 2004, she released her self-titled debut album under Q Zone Records with Abraham Quintanilla as executive producer.

WATCH: Interview with Sesi in 2004

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