Jimmy Gonzalez gives update on upcoming album [VIDEO]

Jimmy Gonzalez | Photo by John Onta Waldo Salamanca

Jimmy Gonzalez Y Grupo Mazz are currently working on their new album and the Grammy winner gave fans an update on the upcoming disc via social media.

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Freddie Records shared video of a late night studio session of the Grammy winner at the famed Legends Sound Studio in Corpus Christi, Texas on Saturday night.

“We don’t have a title for it, but we will in a couple of days,” Gonzalez said in the video. “It is going to be awesome. Everything that we have done, the sound quality, the studio quality, everything is great. I smell like a little Grammy next. It’s a really good CD. It’s got the Jimmy G stamp on it, so be on the lookout.”

The upcoming album is the follow up to the hit album Que Cante El Mundo, released last year during Memorial Day weekend. The previous album featured the hit singles “Agua De Papaya”, “Ella No Sabe” and “Jimmy’s And Jay’s Mazz Medley.”

No word on a release date on the new album from Jimmy Gonzalez Y Grupo Mazz, but Tejano Nation will have the details as soon as it is released.

WATCH: Jimmy Gonzalez talks about upcoming album

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