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La Preferencia are love crazy with new single ‘Loco Enamorado’ [AUDIO]


La Preferencia have released the lead single, “Loco Enamorado,” from their upcoming album on BocaMar Records.

It’s the first single from the band since lead vocalist Cortney Rico left to pursue a solo career and was written by Mariano Bocanegra, with the help from guitarist Jose G. Barrera, keyboardist Carlos Sanchez, bassist Emilio “Roy” Ramirez and drummer Minerva “Minnie” Loredo. The song has been arranged in a Tejano ranchera orchestra style and is a very danceable tune mixed with keyboards and accordion.

“‘Loco Enamorado’ is about a guy who was so much in love with his girl that she took him for granted and he became exhausted with her constant indifference regardless of his continued efforts to make her happy,” said Bocanegra, who takes over lead vocals for the band once again.  “Therefore this ‘Crazy Lover’ decided to fly away due to the lack of understanding and support.  It talks about an individual being in love and although the other person is not close to be with them they will wait for them.  This song has also affectionately been referred to by many DJs as ‘I Will Wait for You’. “

“Loco Enamorado” represents the original sound of the band. The song is explosive and allows for its listeners to relate to its message of love and betrayal.

This upcoming untitled album from La Preferencia will feature more original music and less cover songs.

“Our goal is to continue to provide the industry with great music,” Bocanegra added. “All musicians are from all different walks of life and incorporate their unique blend of Tejano, tropical, pop and R&B in their arrangements. Future songs will be more original.”

Learn more about La Preferencia at the band’s official webiste, and Facebook page,

For bookings contact BocaMarr Entertainment (956) 451-0756.

LISTEN: “Loco Enamorado” – La Preferencia

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