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A.B. Quintanilla Y Elektro Kumbia release ‘La Aventura’ ft. Saga & Sonyc [AUDIO]


AB Quintanilla Y Elektro Kumbia released their latest single “La Aventura,” featuring Saga Y Sonyc, on May 5.

The group fuses traditional cumbia with pop and electronic. The debut album, set for release this summer, includes new songs and various songs that pay tribute to the most popular Latin American songs of recent years such as “Pasito Tun Tun,” “El Africano,” “Sopa de Caracol,” “Mil Horas” and more.

Quintanilla is the group’s bassist and other members include: Saul Cisneros (drummer), Nicholas Banda (keyboards), Ramon Vargas (voice), Lissenne Juarez (congas and voice), Ruben Rea (guitar), Noe Nieto (accordion and voice) , Alfonso and Zuriel Ramirez (voice).

As a producer and composer, Quintanilla has sold more than 80 million albums worldwide including projects for Selena, Ricky Martin, Juan Gabriel, Dulce Maria, Veronica Castro, Thalia, Christian Castro, Olga Tañon, Kumbia Kings, among others. His songs have been recorded in Spanish, English, Portuguese, Korean and Chinese.

During his successful career, Quintanilla has received countless awards and recognitions including Grammys, Latin Grammys, Premio Lo Nuestro, Billboard Awards, Premios Oye, Premios Furia Musical, BMI Awards (including Composer of the Year for two consecutive years), BMI Million-Air Award for the huge hit, “Amor Prohibido.”

“La Aventura” is available now at all digital platforms including

LISTEN: “La Aventura” — AB Quintanilla III Y Elektro Kumbia

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