Siggno Tour Bus Gets Upgrade From Texas Chrome Shop [VIDEO]

Siggno | Remex Music

Siggno was surprised with an upgraded tour bus from Texas Chrome Shop in San Antonio, Texas on Thursday night (April 6).

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All the members of the band were on hand and shared the unveiling of the tour bus live via their official Facebook page.

“Our very first dream was to have a bus,” said Siggno’s Jesse Turner after the bus was revealed. “This is more than we ever dreamed of, I’m just speechless.”

The bus features custom paint, chrome and LED lights. The attached trailer featured a photo of the band on the back with the band’s logo and “ROCKTEÑO” underneath the photo. It also includes social media info on the band and much more.

The tour bus will immediately go into service as Siggno will head to Greely, Colorado for a show on Friday, April 7.

The band also mentioned they have been in the studio all week working on new music.

Texas Chrome Shop also created a custom bass guitar in honor of Siggno bass player Jacob Turner, who was severely injured in an auto accident in February 2016. Jacob is currently recovering from severe brain damage he suffered in the accident with rehabilitation therapy at a Texas hospital.

San Antonio-based Texas Chrome Shop is featured in the reality television series “Texas Trocas” on the Discovery En Español channel.

WATCH: Siggno tour bus gets upgrade by Texas Chrome Shop

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