Crystal Torres talks upcoming single ‘Adios Amor’ [VIDEO]


Crystal Torres will be releasing a new single, “Adios Amor,” and the singer gave Tejano Nation all the details during a recent interview at the 2017 Internet Radio Gala.

Torres, the Tejano Music Awards winner for Best New Female Artist in 2014, says she’ll be working with 14-time Grammy Award winning producer Gilbert Velasquez on the upcoming track.

“I’m really excited, I’m going to be recording a song ‘Adios Amor’, which is actually a song by a Regional Mexican artist named Christian Nodal,” Torres told Tejano Nation. “It’s going to be a bolero with accordion and very sensual.”

Torres talked about working with award winning producer Velasquez in the studio.

“He’s awesome,” Torres said. “I think he’s tough because he knows what he wants in the studio, but he is a perfectionist and he puts out quality work. I’m really excited to work with somebody of his caliber.”

“Adios Amor” is expected to released in early April.

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