VMB Music Group signs Raulito Navaira Y Remedio, La Calma to talent roster

Raulito Y Remedio & La Calma sign with VMB Music Group

VMB Music Group announced the addition of three new artists to its star-filled talent roster on Thursday (March 16). The record label signed Raulito Navaira Y Remedio and La Calma.

VMB Music Group made the announcement on Tejano Nation radio affiliate KXTN during The Bigg Boyee Morning Show.

“We feel very excited to add this group to the VMB Family,” VMB Music Group’s Jorge David Marroquin said about Raulito Y Remedio. “They’re going to be an asset…they have a vision that is just incredible. I love their heart, I love the family, we’re going to do great things together.”

Remedio swept the Best New Artist categories at the 2016 Tejano Music Awards, including Best New Group, Best New Female for Destiny Navaira and Best New Male for Rigo Navaira.

“We really want to thank VMB for giving us this opportunity,” Destiny Navaira said about the signing.

La Calma, who won Best New Group at the 2013 Tejano Music Awards, was another huge signing for the record label.

“We’re very excited,” said Leo Correa of La Calma. “We’ve been working very hard as a group…we’re happy to be a part of the VMB family. I can see something big happening for La Calma.”

New projects are already in the works for the latest additions to the VMB roster.  Remedio and VMB labelmates Jaime Y Los Chamacos have been working on a collaboration, that will be part of JYLC’s upcoming album Este Momento.

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