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Emilio Navaira Fiesta Medal unveiled during ceremony

Facebook / KXTN

After 126 years of Fiesta San Antonio, the Fiesta San Antonio Commission unveiled its first celebrity medal to honor late Tejano and Country star Emilio Navaira.

The medal is the first official celebrity medal and the first time for an artist to be honored in this way.

The official unveiling of the Emilio Navaira Fiesta medal took place during a ceremony at the Fiesta San Antonio Commission, in San Antonio, Texas on Saturday.

“Now, everybody will have a little piece of Emilio to carry around with them wherever they go,” said KXTN Program Director Homie Marco, who hosted the ceremony attended by many Emilio fans.

The medal features Emilio’s signature logo and a photo of the singer taking a bow.

The official Emilio Medal is on sale now, exclusively at The Fiesta® Store. There will only be a limited edition of medals available.

Ge more information at www.fiesta-sa.org or at the Emilio Navaira official Facebook page @EmilioNavairaOficial.

WATCH: Emilio Fiesta Medal unveiled

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