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Jimencio drops alternate version video for ‘Dime Que Hago’


“El Nuevo Talento” Jimencio released an alternate version of the video for “Dime Que Hago” on Tuesday (Feb. 21).

“I decided to do more with this song by releasing an alternate version of the music video, in hopes that people can get another view of our vision for the video,” Jimencio told Tejano Nation. “We were pretty limited as to what we could release at the time and now we’ve decided to revisit the existing footage and get more dancing and clearer images of the dancers together to make the video.”

The alternate version still maintains its sexy and dark visual for the remake of the 2012 hit from Puerto Rican reggaeton singer Farruko. The original video, released in April 2016, was filmed by Ryan Bazan and directed and edited by Jimencio himself.

“It’s very sexual, in a sense that it doesn’t hide some of the intimacy from one to another, it’s very open with that,” Jimencio said about the new track during a recent interview with Tejano Nation Radio. “For the most part, it’s about being intimate with that one person that you care about…it’s also very lust driven.”

The sexy new track continues with Jimencio’s signature sound, a hot cumbia fused with reggaeton.

“It’s very cumbia, but on the same note it’s very reggaeton-ish,” Jimencio said. “I didn’t want to stray to far from that (sound), just because the fans already carry that love for that style. The fans that follow me”

“Dime Que Hago” is available for download now at CDBaby and iTunes.

WATCH: “Dime Que Hago” (Alternate Version) — Jimencio

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