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Lucy Y Genio release official video for ‘Me Abrazas, Me Hieres’

YouTube/Farra Records

Just days after releasing the single, Lucy Y Genio released the official video for “Me Abrazas, Me Hieres.”

The visual for the second single from the Tejano newcomer was produced by Ryan Bazan and features Lucy singing the track, produced by Chex Lozano and Frank Lozano of Revo Live Band for Farra Records.

“This single speaks of something that every woman goes through, or has gone through,  at one point in their lives,” Lucy told Tejano Nation. “We adore a man with every fiber of our being one minute–intense passion flows abound–and the next minute he makes us want to passionately throw him out of the house!”

“Me Abrazas, Me Hieres”, which translates directly to  “You Hug Me, You Hurt Me”, goes through every extreme of passionate feelings, whether positive or negative.  In short, it is a very intense, sensual song.

“Me Abrazas, Me Hieres” is available now on all major digital music platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Unlimited, Google Play, Pandora, eMusic and more.

WATCH: “Me Abrazas, Me Hieres” — Lucy Y Genio

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