Solido’s Eligio Salinas Jr. diagnosed with brain tumors

Eligio Salinas Jr. / Facebook @SolidoNation
Eligio Salinas Jr. / Facebook @SolidoNation

Solido accordionist Eligio Salinas Jr. has been diagnosed with two brain tumors, according to his family.

The musician was rushed to a hospital after suffering a seizure on Thursday (Jan. 12).

“Eligio Salinas Jr. found himself in a scary and unexpected situation which landed him in the ER and within hours in ICU,” according to a GoFundMe page set up by Brenda Salinas, the musician’s wife. “Eli was diagnosed with two tumors inside his head. Therefore we have been advised to get extensive testing…Due to the severity of his situation we are looking at possible surgery to remove them asap.”

Solido’s Ben De León shared the news and thanked fans for support via social media.

“Today was a life changing day for Eligio, his family and all of Solido Nation,” De Leon posted on Facebook late Thursday night. “I want to thank you guys for all your prayers and well wishes, Eligio is still in ICU, but is in good spirits, he is in for the fight of his life, but he is not alone, with faith in our Lord and Savior , we will stand alongside him, his family and help him battle the monster that has invaded his body. We continue to ask for your prayers and support.”

Salinas is expected to miss substantial time from performing with Solido.

“This devastation and turmoil will cause him to stop doing what he loves most,” Brenda Salinas posted on the GoFundMe page. “Those of you that know him, know that playing the accordion is not just a hobby. It is his passion, his love for music came at a young age, he’s been playing the accordion for over 20 years.”

If you’d like to help Eligio Salinas, you can donate at his GoFundMe page, just click here.

Tejano Nation will have more details on Salinas as they become available.



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