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Veronique dances her way through ‘La Pulga’ in new video [VIDEO]

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Veronique released the video for her latest single, “La Pulga,” on Friday (October 7).  The video follows the singer throughout the market as she sings and dances to a great choreographed line dance and celebrates a Tejano tradition at “La Pulga.”

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“This video is definitely a song that celebrates our music and culture in a fresh perspective,” Veronique told Tejano Nation. “Since I was 7 years old my happiest memories in which I felt connected to my culture took place at La Pulga (flea market). It’s truly the place where border culture and unity collide vibrantly and showcases our constant interaction with the border in the U.S.”

This visual was produced by Harlingen, Texas-based El Valle Film Studios, who have worked on films for Cine Mexicano, ESPN and countless other national productions.

“Due to our immediate response from the fans, we will be producing a special video breaking down the Tejano Line Dance that takes place in our video,” said Veronique.

The line dance was put together by classically trained choreographer Caty Wantland.

“Adding a very clear cut choreography scene with so many people was a daunting task given that we weren’t sure what our fans would think, but seeing so much love for our work and the desire for it to be learned is definitely something we are looking forward to shooting very soon,” Veronique added.

“La Pulga” is the latest single released from Veronique’s sophomore album Mi Año Dorado.

WATCH: “La Pulga” — Veronique

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