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Carlos Y Los Cachorros release ‘Este Amor’ from ‘Corazon Necio’ album [AUDIO]

By TejanoNation Staff @TejanoNation
By TejanoNation Staff

cylc-corazonnecioCarlos Y Los Cachorros have released “Este Amor,” the second single from their new album Corazon Necio.

The track was written by CYLC frontman Carlos Rodriguez and it was the last song to be recorded for the album and was literally written overnight.

Rodriguez says “Este Amor” came to him fairly quickly and that he felt he was due to write another song.

“I wanted the musical idea for this song to be simple with a great tempo, yet progressive in its moments,” Rodriguez told Tejano Nation. “I wanted the drums to be heavy and for it to have a commercial singing melody throughout. At the end of the song I kinda went back to my 80’s influences and did some messing around with the vocals by reversing them and had my brother go all out on the drums by channeling Rush /Motley Crue on the drums.”

Once the melody was set and the vocal arrangement were ready, the band headed to the studio and put the track together. “Este Amor” became a favorite within the band and it was agreed that it would definitely be a single release from the album.

“All in all, this is my favorite ranchera off the album and I hope radio and our fans enjoy this song as much as we enjoyed putting it together for them,” added Rodriguez.

“Este Amor” is the follow up to the title track, “Corazon Necio,” released in June.

Corazon Necio is available now from favorite digital retailer or music store.

LISTEN: “Este Amor” — Carlos Y Los Cachorros



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