Sunny Sauceda’s accordion flies off stage during wild performance [VIDEO]

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Sunny Sauceda's accordion flies off stage during performance. (Leticia Diaz | Facebook)

Sunny Sauceda’s accordion flies off stage during performance. (Leticia Diaz | Facebook)

Sunny Sauceda had his accordion fly off the stage during a wild performance at the Mexican Fiesta in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on August 28, and it was all caught on video.

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The accordion flew towards videographer Leticia Diaz, who was recording the performance for event organizers.

“Sunny had played the night before and completed a few turns like seen at the end of the video without releasing the accordion, so it really wasn’t a concern for me while filming the footage, but it was quite the surprise,” Diaz told Tejano Nation. “Once I looked away from the camera, I realized that I wasn’t going to get hit and was more concerned of the condition of Sunny’s accordion.”

Fans of Sauceda know the Tejano star gives his all during each and every performance.

“I’m a rocker trapped in an accordion player’s body,” Sauceda told Tejano Nation. “I grew up with arena rock and conjunto music.”

“The person on stage is very different than the person off of stage, that’s my Sasha Fierce,” the star joked. “It’s a mode I go into, like a prize fighter, I like to be left alone before I hit the stage. Not too many people know that about me.”

Sasha Fierce is the alter ego of pop star Beyoncé.

“It’s because I’m preparing mentally for the show, the energy I use and exert is enormous,” he said.

Sauceda’s goal is to entertain his fans as best as he can at every show.

“If the fire marshal would let me, I would light my accordions on fire,” he said. “I’ve cut it in half with a chainsaw, thrown them in the air, across the stage, kicked them across the stage.”

“I like to use the race car analogy,” he added. “I run the car to the ground during the race. But, during the week I baby my accordions and they get a lot of TLC.”

When attending a Sunny Sauceda show, expect a wild and entertaining performance.

WATCH: Sunny Sauceda’s accordion flies off stage during performance

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