Tejano music executive Bob Grever passes away, Tejano stars react to news

By TejanoNation Staff @TejanoNation
By TejanoNation Staff
Bob Grever shares his story with News4SA in a recent interview. | YouTube-News4SA
Bob Grever shared his story with News4SA in a recent interview, just weeks before his death. | YouTube News4SA

Legendary Tejano music executive Bob Grever has passed away. Latin Groove Music reported the passing of Grever, who “leaves a wonderful legacy of great songs and iconic artists.”

Grever was instrumental in the careers of Tejano music legends Mazz, La Mafia, Emilio Navaira, and Selena, just to name a few. His record label Cara Records, known to many as the Tejano Motown, released some of the biggest hits in Tejano music.

Latin Groove Music said Grever was a “powerful executive, behind the scenes, bringing greatness to Tejano music.”

Many Tejano superstars reacted to news of Grevers passing via social media.

“So sad to have lost such an icon in our industry! Bob signed me to my first major label deal with Capital Records and helped produce my first two Tejano hits ‘Tu y Nadie Mas’ & ‘Primer Beso’,” Tejano superstar Stefani Montiel commented on Facebook. “Such a wonderful and talented man who truly loved and believed in and loved Tejano music! He will be missed!”

“Word of Bob’s passing touched me with deep sadness yet great respect of a visionary/trailblazer/mentor,” said Tejano music legend Ruben Cubillos. “Bob and I were synonymous with our passion for the Tejano music biz. The most memorable piece of work together was Breakin’ The Rules – The Latin Breed 1989. Bob’s contributions will not be in vain. His touch of gold is bountiful, so its up us – those within his shadow to share the great stories of his legacy. Until we meet again… for me Bob Grever VIVE!”

“There are pioneers in Tejano music and then there is Bob Grever who took those pioneers to school. Much respect…
Rest in Peace,” said Bill Angelini.

“Bob was more than a Producer/Record Label Executive to the Navaira family,” said Yvette Navaira. “He was a part of our family. When Emilio passed he called me and paid his respects. He could barely talk and we both cried together. He was a man with a big heart. Thank you Bob for putting Tejano music on the map.”

“When I was first introduced to Tejano Music, every CD I loved had a name on the credits that would pop up over and over,” Gabriel Zavala posted on Facebook in 2013. “I was able to meet him briefly and soaked in every word he said as if he was a prophet. His Name is Bob Grever.”

“Bob, did so much for his artists for music, for publishing,” said Tony Rivera. “Yet he was another one of those real pioneers that so many fans ever heard of. He never got the big acknowledgment from his local peers, the award shows etc. But every single artist that he worked with knows what he did for their careers.”

Bob Grever shared his story with News4SA, just weeks before his death. The full interview is below.

Tejano Nation sends our heartfelt condolences to the Grever family and the many Tejano stars and fans that felt an impact from a true Tejano pioneer.

WATCH: Tejano label executive Bob Grever shares story

2 comments on “Tejano music executive Bob Grever passes away, Tejano stars react to news

  1. Bob Grever made Stephanie Lynn and High Energy. He not only was our executive producer but business manager. He was sharp and brilliant. Many don’t know that my video of the song “Nada” was filmed at his house. He was bright at picking a hit song and songs for a hit C.D. He was the first that took me to mexico city and my family as well as his entered into a lovely friendship. I shared long talks with Bob and he always was coaching me. There isn’t enough space to write about those conversations. But I will always be indebted to you Mr. Grever. If only!!! Love, Stephanie Lynn


  2. I had mentioned that Bob Grever discovered Stephanie Lynn and High Energy! He not only was the Executive producer but also was our business manager. He was smart and brilliant for picking songs to later become hits. Bob also was a dear friend that never stopped teaching me. Many don’t know that my song “Nada” ,the video, was filmed at his house. It was fun when he’d get excited and tell me “come over here champ, your going to knock em dead”! I never stopped thinking of you Bob. You will always be the champ. Thank you for the teachings and for the memories! Love, Stephanie Lynn


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