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Jimencio releases video teaser of ‘Por Última Vez’

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jimencio-porultimavezLatin music sensation Jimencio has released a video teaser of his latest single, “Por Última Vez.” The track is produced by David L. Garza from 180 Studios and is from the singer’s upcoming new album.

“I’m very proud to be working with this amazing team of people, whom at all costs make sure the product we release is exactly what my fans are looking for,” Jimencio told Tejano Nation. “‘Por Última Vez’ is the song that I have been able to completely be myself in, allowing my followers to see a different side of me. I hope this song speaks to somebody in their own way.”

The powerful ballad is the first track from Jimencio’s still untitled upcoming album, a follow-up to the singer’s Mi Ultima Esculpa EP, released last summer in 2015.

“We are excited for this new journey,” Jimencio’s manager Jennifer Gomez told Tejano Nation. “We have been working with the best producers to create music that will transcend thru time while appealing to a broader market but still giving fans the Jimencio they know and love!”

The official release of “Por Última vez” is set for August 19, Jimencio’s 26th birthday. Visit for more details.

WATCH: Video teaser for “Por última vez” by Jimencio

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