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Aisha releases ‘Ya Te Olvide’ duet with Ray Ray de Los Agues [AUDIO]

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AishaYaTeOlvide-500x500Aisha released the duet, “Ya Te Olvide,” with Ray Ray de Los Agues in full on Wednesday (July 13).

The duo released a snippet of the track back in March and have finally released the song in full. “Ya Te Olvide” was written by Juan Villarreal and produced by Eric ‘E-Rock’ Avalos at Avalos Recording Group (ARG).

“This was a long awaited project and I’m excited for its final release,” Aisha told Tejano Nation. “I had the opportunity to work with Eric Avalos on ‘Volar’ by Sarah Monique where I was a featured artist on background vocals.”

It was the first time Aisha recorded background vocals besides singing background for different artists during live shows including Stephanie Lynn, Oscar G., Audi Castillon, Savannah Votion, Sarah Monique to name a few.

“I decided to work with Eric on a song and I brought my musical brother Ray Ray to join me on my song as a featured artist, because I love the way his voice meshed with mine and still try to pursue my solo career as an artist but still including Ray Ray,” she said.

“I think the fans will really like this song and can relate to it,” Aisha added. “The songwriter Juan Villarreal is amazing, he also wrote ‘Volar’. I fell in love with ‘Ya Te Olvide’ the first time Eric showed it to me.”

The song will be available for download through CDbaby and all online digital outlets within the next couple of days.

LISTEN: “Ya Te Olvide” by Aisha


1 comment on “Aisha releases ‘Ya Te Olvide’ duet with Ray Ray de Los Agues [AUDIO]

  1. Irene Renteria

    I love the song and the message between the words. The composer is an amazing guy. My Tejano love to you both for putting the song into action. Your Vocals sound great and the production came out just like I love , Tejano Sound.


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