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Art Tigerina talks music, family and fans at Tucson show with Tejano Nation

by Elisa Jaimez @p_jaimez Contributor Bio | Posts
by Elisa Jaimez
Bio | Posts
Tejano Nation's DJ Peaches with Art Tigerina Band in Tucson, Arizona on May 7, 2016.
Tejano Nation’s DJ Peaches with Art Tigerina Band in Tucson, Arizona on May 7, 2016.

Art Tigerina, an energetic, heart-stopping entertainer, has mesmerized thousands of Tejano fans over a span of two decades.  I had the pleasure of interviewing Art on May 7 for a Pre-Mothers Day show in Tucson, Arizona.

Art talked about how his father, Trinidad Tigerina influenced his love for music at a young age. Also handed down to the singer by his father is his first love of being an auto mechanic, his craft to provide for his family. He is largely a self-taught musician, starting with playing the drums, then taught himself how to play the guitar and saxophone. His vocal talent was discovered as a teen while singing in a rock band. Art joined his brothers band, Tierra Mala which was his initial singing introduction to Tejano music. Not long after Tierra Mala, Art started his own band Algo Suave and brought in big crowds with his high energy show was introduced.

In the early 90’s, Art moved to San Antonio. Life wasn’t easy at the beginning, going from bar to bar in hopes of a big break. Success came with the City View Band. An album entitled Vueltas y Vueltas became a hit for City View and later re-recorded with Grupo Vida. Art accepted the position as lead singer for Grupo Vida in 1997, with Eddie Gonzales’ exit from the band. Art has accomplished many milestones in the 17 years with Grupo Vida and 20 years in the music business.

Curently, Art has a new band, Art Tigerina Band. Acording to the singer, the band caters to the working man, its called Blue Collar Tejano Music, specializing in Tejano, Country, Old School, and Rock.

I asked Art about his song “High Heel Sneakers,” since it has a Country feel to it. Art replied,”It’s a Tommy Tucker tune which he added a cumbia mix to it.”

We also discussed his song “Esta Noche Quiero Llorar” released in 2007 with Grupo Vida and then re-released as part of his solo career, produced by Hugo Guerrero.

The song “Esta Noche Quiero Llorar” fit the Tucson event, as it was in honor of Danny Sanchez from the Festival Band who passed away recently. We reflected on how fitting this song is because it’s about loss, the emotion we feel when we experience a loss. The loss of Danny Sanchez is immensely felt by his family, his second family The Festival Band and all the Tejano community. A quote from Art on a previous article in Tejano Nation back in November 2015 summarizes the emotions perfectly ” I love this journey of life I am living. Don’t forget we are all here to walk each other home.”

Art also states his number one goal and what keeps them motivated is the loyalty to the fans, being humble and not just on how good they play. In conjunction with his love for music is also his love for his wife, family and God. His faith keeps him grounded.

Art is a down to earth, charismatic, energetic artist who has made his mark in Tejano. He will thrive to continue to live life and to walk each of us home thru his music. Much thanks to Art and the Art Tigerina Band for their time.

You can find out more about Art at and on all social media outlets. Reverb Nation at iTunes and Facebook.

WATCH: Art Tigerina performs in Tucson, Arizona on May 7, 2016




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