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Roy Garcia releases third single from solo debut album [AUDIO]

By TejanoNation Staff @TejanoNation
By TejanoNation Staff

roygarcia-quierosaberRoy Garcia recently released his newest single, “Quiero Saber,” earlier this month.

“With my single ‘Quiero Saber’, I wanted to take it back to my roots when I first started in the business,” Garcia told Tejano Nation. “When I first started in Tejano Music, I was as the lead vocalist for The Liberty Band, which is a band widely known for their Tejano orchestra sound. Although my debut CD Solo is a departure from that sound, it was important for me to incorporate a song that encompassed an orchestra vibe and pay homage to the type of music that started it all for me.”

“Quiero Saber” is produced by multi-Grammy Award nominated producer Jason Martinez from Grupo Vida.

“I had actually previously recorded a different arrangement to ‘Quiero Saber’ as a single for a CD project I had been working on, but when I decided to give it a go as a solo artist, that version with my voice was never released,” Garica added. “I had really fallen in love with this song and felt that it really fit my voice, so I told myself that when the time came to record my debut CD, that I was going to include a re-imagined arrangement to the song. With Jason Martinez’s help we came up with this amazing version that was inspired by the sounds of the Tejano Orchestra.”

“Quiero Saber,” the third single released from Garcia’s debut solo album, will be available on all major digital distributors soon and his debut album, Solo, can be purchased at Del Bravo Record Shop or ordered online at

LISTEN: “Quiero Saber” by Roy Garcia

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