Watch video for creation of Jacob Turner’s custom built bass

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Video for the creation of the custom-made bass guitar for Jacob Turner of Siggno surfaced online this week.  The video documents the creation of the one-of-a-kind 24 carat gold plated Fender bass guitar, a gift from Atascosa-based Texas Chrome Shop, stars of reality TV show “Texas Trocas” on Discovery En Espanol, and Grupo Vision.

Turner, the 22-year-old bass player for Siggno, has been in a coma since crashing his vehicle into a guardrail at a high rate of speed in the early morning hours of February 8 in Harlingen.

Jacob’s father Jesse Turner, frontman for Siggno, shared his thoughts on the one-of-a-kind gift.

“It’s such a beautiful work of art,” Jesse posted on Facebook. “When I see the yellow I think of hope, when I see the patterns it reminds me of how electric and unique my son plays, when I see the gold it reminds me of what he means to so many people, when I see the lower part that says ‘Unidos En Oración’ it reminds me of how he has brought people together through prayer, the painting of him reminds me of his cheesy smile that makes us all smile, and the words ‘Yo Te Esperare’ signify a feeling…that we are all waiting for that day when he will recover.”

Watch this amazing gift come together right before your eyes in the video below.

“Many thanks to our great friends in the Texas Chrome Shop, Rolando Mendez, Grupo Vision and the Medina family for this beautiful gift,” Siggno posted on their official Facebook page.

Tejano Nation continues to send prayers for a speedy recovery for Jacob Turner and can’t wait to see him play the custom built bass guitar.

WATCH: Project HOPE – Jacob Turner Custom-made Bass

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