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Waiting For The Next Selena: 5 Tejana Artists Who Have The Potential To Skyrocket


By Gabriela Garcia Founder/Editor-In-Chief
By Gabriela Garcia

If there’s one thing that all Tejanas have in common, it’s a shared love for Selena. Since her untimely death in 1995, she has become an icon for the Tejano community and her music gains new fans every year. It doesn’t take much to understand why Selena is still so popular 21 years later. She shattered the glass ceiling in the male dominated Tejano industry and blazed a seamless path into the English market, which is no small feat. Many have tried, and few have succeeded the way Selena did. To this day, she remains the reigning queen of Tejano music.

According to Belinda Guerra-Muerer, CEO of Z93 Radio out of Laredo, Texas, “There will never be another Selena. But we’ve been waiting for a female artist who can do what Selena did. She broke so many boundaries. There has never been a female artist that has been able to climb the ranks like Selena. They’re have been some who have tried, but no one has come close. We’re still waiting for that one Tejana artist who will skyrocket the way Selena did. Who can sell out the stadiums? Who can make Tejano music popular again for non-traditional fans? Who can transcend into the English market as easily as Selena did?”

We may not have to wait much longer, here are 5 Tejana artists who have that potential:


Gabriela Garcia is Founder and Editor-In-Chief for, a lifestyle site for a new generation of Latinas.

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