Siggno’s Jacob Turner moved to Houston hospital

Jacob Turner is improving, but still critical after an auto accident on Feb. 8. (Facebook photo)

Jacob Turner has been admitted to a Houston hospital to continue his recovery. (Facebook photo)

Siggno bass player Jacob Turner was moved to Houston area hospital on Thursday, according to his father.

Siggno frontman Jesse Turner posted a video on his official Facebook page about the move for Jacob.

“Jacob got admitted to a really good hospital here in Houston,” Turner said. “We’re going to be here for awhile. We’re very happy, very emotional, because he got accepted in. Just keep praying, stay positive. Two months later, here we are.”

Jacob was critically injured after crashing his vehicle into a guardrail at a high rate of speed on February 8 in Harlingen.  The collision caused the vehicle to catch fire. The 21-year-old musician was the only person in the vehicle and has been in a coma at south Texas hospital since the accident.

Jesse Turner thanked the doctors, nurses and families at Jacob’s previous hospital in Harlingen.

“Just want to say thank you to all our friends at Valley Baptist Medical Center,” he said. “To all the doctors that touched Jacob and to all the nurses, to all the people we saw there that were going through some similar situations, you’re still in our prayers.”

No further details have disclosed on Jacob, but Tejano Nation will keep you updated and pray for a speedy recovery for the young musician.

WATCH: Jesse Turner talks about son Jesse’s move to Houston hospital.


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8 Comments on Siggno’s Jacob Turner moved to Houston hospital

  1. May god bless you and your family I saw you on the second hope to to your son next time y’all come to Lubbock


  2. I hope Jacob Turner feels better imma pray for him


  3. Margaret Gomez // April 9, 2016 at 12:32 pm // Reply

    God is good and will heal Jacob! Keep the faith and may God watch over the family! Prayers


  4. Hey Jesse we are praying for Jacob’s fast recovery! God Bless , DJ Slim from Victoria Texas.


  5. Blessed Jesus Christ We just Love You Thank You for this Awesome Day!!! Favor God upon Jacob Turner, He us your child… is written in thee Bible by Hus stripped you are HEALED JACOB TURNER!!!!!IN IN JESUS CHRTIST HOLY NASME. FRTOM THIS DAY forward MY FAMILY, MY CHRISTIAN FAMILY, AND I LORD WILL LIFT JACOB TURNER UP IN PRAYER ALL FOR YOUR HONOR AND GLORY!!!!! THANK AHEASD OF TIMEBFGOR THIS MIRACULOUS HEALING.


  6. Anna Marie Ornelas // April 20, 2016 at 3:45 pm // Reply

    in midland tx we pray for your son Jacob, he’s young and strong and he will come back…always stay positive jesse, our father lord above does miracles every second of every day..will continue to pray for you and him as well as all your family!!! God Bless U!!!


  7. I am happy that Jacob turner is okay I am glad that the doctors help me in houston hospital he is ok know I am so happy for him and his family that really cared about Jacob turner my dad said that Jacob turner is okay thank you god y’all go see Siggno on July 1,2016 on Friday love you Siggno and Jacob turner


  8. just keep praying and believe in the good lord he is strong and a powerful part of life wishing him and family a speedy recovery keep up the good work


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