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Stefani Montiel releases ‘Loca Por Quererte’ with David Lee Garza [AUDIO]

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stefani-loca-coverTejano superstar Stefani Montiel shared her latest single, “Loca Por Quererte,” from her upcoming debut album with VMB Music Group, on Tuesday.

“I’m ecstatic to finally share my latest recording since “Quien Quiere Shots” with Tejano Nation!” the singer shared with us. “I wanted to try something different with my brand new single “Loca Por Quererte,” so we decided to channel the vibe and feel reminiscent of the 90’s Tejano sound, but with a modern twist.”

To achieve that sound, the singer’s latest single from her upcoming album La Dueña, enlists the help of Tejano legend David Lee Garza, award-winning hitmaker Gabriel Zavala and multi-Grammy Award winning producer Gilbert Velasquez.

“One of groups that inspired my love of Tejano Music was David Lee Garza Y Los Musicales, so I was thrilled when David agreed to be part of this song adding the perfect touch with his unique style,” Stefani said. “Also contributing to the authenticity of the sound we were going for and adding the cherry on top, is multi Grammy award winning engineer Gilbert Velasquez who contributed his incomparable mastering skills.”

Stefani hopes fans will feel that reminiscent ’90’s Tejano sound from this new single, produced by Zavala.

“I hope everyone enjoys the beautiful vocal lines, the fresh arrangements, but still feels that familiarity of the Tejano music we grew up listening to and all love so much.” she said. “Thank you for supporting my first release on VMB Music Group and get ready…there are many more surprises to come from my brand new album La Dueña.”

LISTEN: “Loca Por Quererte (Snippet)” by Stefani Montiel

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