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TMA Fan Fair Preview: Louie Marinez Y Myzterio


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Louie Marinez will perform at 2016 TMA Fan Fair.
Louie Marinez will perform at 2016 TMA Fan Fair.

Louie Marinez, a former Disney World Epcot Center Showcase trumpeter and vocalist with Mariachi Cobre, is now the vocalist of his band Myzterio from Tucson, Arizona.

Marinez started his musical career with El Mariachi San Xavier at the age of 9. During his high school years back in the 80’s, he performed mariachi and played the trumpet at Micha’s in Tucson. He remembers the most requested song was “Volver Volver.”

One of Louie’s fond memories in his childhood, was of his Nana Carmen Marinez. Waking up on a Saturday morning to Tejano music and the smell of a home cooked breakfast from his Nana, this was a weekend ritual. Marinez recalls hearing the song, “Cumbia de La Cadenita” and watching his Nana dance around the table while telling him, ” Esta cancion Es Mia.” Later in life while working on the album Sin Fronteras, Marinez wanted a good cumbia. Sitting with Grammy award winning producer and musician Rick Fuentes, Louie decided to search for a cumbia on his lap top and the song “Cumbia de La Cadenita” appreared and at that moment he knew that was the song. Nana Carmen’s intervention? Possibly.

The album took a year and a half to master. Marinez views himself as a perfectionist when fine tuning all the tracks in an album. Making sure all the arrangements in Louie’s music paid off, as Sin Fronteras was nominated in the first round for the 2015 Latin Grammys and the Tejano Music Awards Top 10.

Tejano Nation Southwest region contributors Elisa Jaimez (left) and Fanny Gurl (right) with Louie Marinez (center).

I asked Marinez what his advice would be for any new artist.

“Be a perfectionist when it comes to your music, make sure the music is mixed right, the vocals sound right and words are pronounced correctly.” he said. “The art work need to be clean. Also don’t spend one week in the studio and say it sounds great, take your time.”

Curious as to what was his most memorable moment. He explained how as a young boy he looked up to Tejano legend Little Joe. One afternoon while waiting for Ruben Ramos at San Antonio restaurant Pico de Gallo, Little Joe was also enjoying a meal. Marinez and Joe conversed for a while and then he gave Little Joe his Sin Fronteras album. When Little Joe approached Marinez to ask him for his autograph, Marinez says with a chuckle, “I’m just a kid from Tucson and here the Tejano God Little Joe and Ruben Ramos are my mentors and friends.”

The future has a lot in store for Marinez. Currently working on his second album with the help of his producer Rick Fuentes. Marinez also is scheduled for performances on February 27th at the Casino del Sol Paradiso Lounge. On Friday, March 4 at Little Mexico in Tucson, and also March 19th for the 39th Liberty Band anniversary at the Royal Palace Ballroom in San Antonio. If you will be attending Fan Fair in San Antonio, catch Louie Marinez Y Mysterio Friday March 18 on the Concho Stage at 6:00 p.m.

Louie can certainty be described as humble but yet confident. His big band sound sparked with a little jazz, accordion in sync with synthesized arrangements. A one time Disney World Epcot Center showcase artist and World renowned Mariachi Cobre artist, Louie has made his mark in the Tejano industry and has made his hometown of Tucson, Arizona very proud. He went from his humble beginnings in the Arizona desert to the bright lights of the Hollywood Bowl, National TV Award Shows, Presidential Performances, nominated for the Tejano Music Awards for “Best Male Vocalist” in 2015, and multiple performances in between. Marinez knows no boundaries in the music world.

LISTEN: “Rosa De Oro” by Louie Marinez

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