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Ben Ozuna releases solo debut single [AUDIO]

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Mazmorra Recordsbenozuna_lamejordetodascover recording artist Ben Ozuna released his solo debut single, “La Mejor De Todas” on Wednesday.

“Thank you all so much for the positive comments and great vibes that you all have been sending us today about our single,” Ozuna posted on his official Facebook page. “I’d like to send a huge thank you to the musicians who were a big part of this production: AJ Rock Flores, Eddie Perez, Joey JMZ, Ray Diaz de Leon and Richard Rosales. I can’t wait to finish our project.”

The singer from Midland, Texas, is working on his first solo album with five-time Grammy winner and Grupo Siggno bajo player Richard Rosales, co-founder of Mazmorra Records.

Ozuna became lead vocalist of David Lee Garza Y Los Musicales in 2010, with his voice belting out the the hit singles “Como Tú Quieres” and ¿Qué Haría Yo Sin Ti?” from the 2012 album Y Ahora Aquí.   Ozuna stepped down as lead vocalist for Los Musicales to form his own band in 2014.

Learn more about Ben Ozuna at his official Facebook page,

LISTEN: “La Mejor De Todas” by Ben Ozuna

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