Los EnVivo Kings talk debut single and future plans


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By Fanny Gurl Contributor Bio | Posts

By Fanny Gurl
Bio | Posts

TUCSON – Los EnVivo Kings talked about their debut single and new album with KPYT 100.3 FM’s Tejano Wasted Morning Show, hosted by Fanny Gurl and Hector Youtsey, on Friday (February 5).

The band released their debut single, “Hasta Que Me Olvides,” a remake of the 1993 hit from Mexican singer Luis Miguel, on January 26 and updated the track with their unique cumbia and rap style.

Los EnVivo Kings are a combination of former lead vocalists and members of the popular bands Los Kumbia Kings and Los Super Reyes.  The band is led by Abel Talamantez, Nando Dominguez and Frankie Pangie.

Los EnVivo Kings are currently working on their debut album which is going to include a collaboration with Reggaeton duo Rakim & Ken-Y and Latin American pop/rock band MDO.

These guys are back on the scene, full of energy, with future plans and are ready to hit the stage again.

Hope to see ya’ll soon in Arizona.

For more information on Los EnVivo Kings, go to

LISTEN: “Hasta Que Me Olvidez” by Los EnVivo Kings





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