E.L.S.A. Foundation creates CyberAwards to recognize Tejano internet radio

ELSA Foundation creates CyberAwards.
ELSA Foundation presents CyberAwards.

12355156_518796578298848_867947881_nSAN ANTONIO – The Entertainment Legends of San Antonio (ELSA) Foundation, a non-profit state chartered organization, announced the creation of a new awards program on Friday (February 5).

The new awards program is called the CyberAwards, co-founded by Rudy R. Trevino, ELSA’s Executive Director of Special Projects and Guadalupe Contreras.

“The CyberAwards were born to recognize the new digital world that has grown out of an analog mentality,” Trevino said in a news release. “New technology and a new breed of on-air internet radio personalities are exploring new horizons with a world-wide listening audience. These new Tejano Trailblazers are introducing new artists and paying tribute to the music legends that sacrificed so much to get us to where we are today.”

“We are proud and honored to be hosting this exciting event with world-wide implications,” said Trini Barragan, founder of the ELSA Foundation. “Trevino is a well known and respected creative artist, educator and co-founder and former Executive Director of the Tejano Music Awards, Tejano Music Hall of Fame, and producer of the first series of Tejano Music Showcases in Las Vegas. Trevino also produced radio and TV shows with world-wide distribution.”

The CyberAwards Nominations will be held at the historic Cadillac Bar in downtown San Antonio on Saturday, March 19 and will recognize outstanding achievements in three categories,

A.) Recording Artists

B.) On-air Internet Radio Personalities

C.) Tejano Music Legends

“Trevino and Contreras are trying to dispel the misconception that internet radio is just the ‘step-child’ of the music industry,” Barragan added. “It is time for the internet radio to step up to the spotlight and receive duly earned recognition.”

“Internet radio personalities have already made arrangements to produce ‘live’ radio shows from the CyberAwards nomination presentations in San Antonio,” said Contreras, a former President of Texas Talent Musicians Association. 

The CyberAwards winners will be announced at a later date.

Barragan announced that more than 30 internet radio stations will participate. Some will broadcast live, while others have chosen to tape and broadcast the nominations at a later date.

The top five nominees in 10 categories will be announced. Live entertainment will be showcased. Tickets for the event will range from $5.00 – $15.00.

The ELSA Foundation,a 501 (C) 3 non-profit organization based in San Antonio, Texas, was created to promote excellence in the music industry, and recognize the internet radio and terrestrial radio and its personalities.

The ELSA Foundation, including President Lilah Lisa Vasquez, President’s assistant Janie Gonzalez, Executive Vice President Carlos Sanchez, congratulate the advisory committee for their talents and tremendous efforts on this endeavor. The advisory committee includes Abby Chavarrilla, Maria Lucy Hernandez, Sam Almanza and Manuel Lopez

For more information visit the official ELSA Foundation website at

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