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Beatriz y Deztino salute Tejano music in latest single, ‘La Onda Seguira’ [AUDIO]

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la ondaSAN ANTONIO – Beatriz Y Deztino released their latest single, “La Onda Seguira,” from the band’s debut album, Mi Tesoro, on Wednesday.

Showing her support for La Onda Tejana, Beatriz and Grupo Vida lead vocalist Jason Martinez co-wrote “La Onda Seguira” to promote Tejano music and its roots.

“We wrote the song for those who say Tejano is dying,” Beatriz told Tejano Nation. “So in the song we mention band names. Such as Vida, La Sombra, Grupo Rio, Mazz, etc., to express some of the bands who helped make the industry the way it is today.”

This upbeat cumbia reminds us why we love Tejano music so much and reminds us of the bands we grew up with from La Onda Tejana.

“Jason Martinez and I co-wrote the song together and wanted to promote pushing Tejano music and the love for our culture of being Tejano and Latino,” Beatriz added.

“La Onda Seguira” is the latest single from, Mi Tesoro, the band’s debut album released in December 2014. The album was produced and mastered by Martinez and recorded at RocLoc Productions in San Antonio.  Mi Tesoro has a total of 11 tracks, including seven original songs and three remakes.

“La Onda Seguira” and the full album from Beatriz Y Deztino is available for download from the TejanoNation Amazon MP3 store, just click here.

LISTEN: “La Onda Seguira” by Beatriz Y Deztino


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