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La Gringa Novelera: ‘Eva La Trailera’ first week recap

BY La Gringa Novelera TV Contributor @GringaNovelera
BY La Gringa Novelera
TV Contributor

Que tal! Welcome to Monday! But it’s not just any Monday: It’s the start of a new month AND the start of a week of new novelas!! What could be better than that?!? Nada!!

Last week was the Premiere of ‪#‎EvaLaTrailera‬ on ‪#‎Telemundo‬, and we can all agree that Eva had one very tough week.

First of all, on Moving Day Eva found Marlene the prior tenant hanging herself from the ceiling because she didn’t want to leave. Come on!! That only happens in Brooklyn!  Eva and her good-for-nothing but charming husband Armando cut Marlene down, gave her a place to live, and asked her to be Godmother to their children.  The only catch seems to be that everyone in Eva’s family can burst into Marlene’s cottage whenever they want without ever knocking to ask her advice on everything from what to wear (the teenage daughter) to how to save the marriage (Eva) to how to keep Eva from finding out that Armando has been having an affair with Eva’s niece Sofia (Armando).

I’m no psychiatrist, but I’m pretty sure that when someone tries to kill themselves they need help.  They usually become the Patient, not the Advisor.  I’m not sure why Eva’s family made Marlene the Consigliere to the Family, but apparently Marlene is the only one who has seen the classic film “The Godfather,” because she is very busy settling all Family Business.  This Business revolves around getting revenge against Eva and her whole family. But mainly Eva, since the show is named after her.

Marlene’s revenge includes creating an elaborate scheme to have Eva find Armando in bed with Sofia,
which worked better than expected because Eva brought her new neighbor Soraya with her to the rendezvous, not realizing what they were about to walk into, so there was an extra witness which prevents Armando from using his crazy double-talk to get out of trouble (“I cheat on you to make the marriage stronger! I sleep with other women so I’ll be able to spend more quality time with you!”)

Soraya is a good neighbor for Eva to have if people are out to destroy her because Soraya is a bit of a psychic and will be able to warn Eva if Marlene’s on her way over!

When we last left the show, Eva was at her battle-ax of a sister’s house to find out what Carmen knew about the affair between Sofia and Armando, and when she knew it.  And more to come on the Father/Son team of private investigators who make a great Odd Couple because the Father wants to destroy Eva, and the son is in love with Eva.
I think they can all find common ground in the fact that they are both overpaying the school for kids with Special Needs their kids attend, since at the close of Friday’s episode both kids were unsupervised and had climbed high into a tree, and are about to fall out. Plus, Marlene may be a crazy-eyed killer and Ultimate Destroyer, but she is a stickler for table manners, and won’t let her “brother” come to the table without his shirt. Rules are Rules (except for the 10 Commandments).

With a brand-new week of novelas on the agenda, how can you not love Mondays!?!



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