Ernestine Romero leads nominations at Hispano Music Awards

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Ernestine Romero picked up the most nominations at the 25th annual New Mexico Hispano Music Awards, with her music picking up 13 total nominations.

The 28-year-old singer from Pojoaque, New Mexico, is nominated for Female Vocalist of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, Crossover Song of the Year and Salsa / Tropical Song of the Year for “Cumbia Cabeza”, Vocal Duo of the Year with Dynette Marie for “Cosas Del Amor”, Conjunto / Norteño Song of the Year with “Cuando Abras Los Ojos”,  Traditional Ranchera Song of the Year for “Bendiciones A Mi Madre”. Romero also had dual nominations in the Cumbia Song of the Year category for “Toma Mi Amor” and “Chiquitita” with Rhythm Divine.

The singer received a CD of the Year nomination for Gracias Señor, while the title track from the album, “Gracias Señor” with Ruben Ramos, picked up nominations for Original Song of the Year, Gospel Song of the Year and Producer of the Year for Willie Romero, Ernestine’s father, and Pablo Urbina.

Ernestine will also be one of the performers at the annual awards show at the Ohkay Casino Conference Center in Espanola, New Mexico on January 16, 2016. For the list of additional nominees, visit

The New Mexico Hispano Music Association’s mission is to help preserve through music, the unique culture and heritage of New Mexico. To preserve, and promote the performance style and repertoire of New Mexico Hispano Music.

LISTEN: “Gracias Señor” by Ernestine Romero featuring Ruben Ramos

1 comment on “Ernestine Romero leads nominations at Hispano Music Awards

  1. Way to go Ernestine! Keep up the great work! Way to represent Nuevo Mexico!


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