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Da Krazy Pimpz release “Un Corazon Como El Tuyo” official video

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Da Krazy Pimpz released the official video for their latest single “Un Corazon Como El Tuyo” on Monday.

The visual, for the song written by Beto Ramon, was directed and edited by Eddie Jimenez of Da Krazy Pimpz.

Tejano Nation caught up with Jimenez about the story behind the visual.

“Basically true life events that can happen to anybody, it actually happened to the main actor (my primo) just as it is on video, so he did have a lot of inspiration,” he said.

“Un Corazon Como El Tuyo” is the first single from the band’s eighth album, Historia De Mi Vida, scheduled to be released in February. The song is available for download from the Tejano Nation Amazon MP3 store, just click here.

WATCH: “Un Corazon Como El Tu Yo”

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