A.B. Quintanilla broadcasts from ER after faceplant at birthday party [VIDEO]

BY TejanoNation Staff @TejanoNation

BY TejanoNation Staff

AB Quintanilla III broke three teeth and required stitches after an itoxicated fall on his 52nd birthday. (Facebook)

AB Quintanilla III broke three teeth and required stitches after an intoxicated fall on his 52nd birthday. (Facebook)

Latin music sensation A.B. Quintanilla III broadcast an emergency room visit live on Facebook after being injured in an intoxicated fall at his birthday party on Sunday night.

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“Bout to get stitched up. Didn’t expect to spend my first day being 52 at the ER!!! Didn’t fight just took a bad fall!!! I broke my 3 front teeth and stitches,” Quintanilla posted on Facebook a day after falling on his birthday.

In the live Facebook feed, the Grammy winner told the story of celebrating his birthday and getting intoxicated, but after trying to hold himself up on a vehicle, slid and hit is face on the pavement breaking three teeth that caused a cut on his bottom lip.

“I never expected that having a little too much tequila and breaking my teeth was gonna cause so much drama.” Quintanilla posted on his official Facebook on Thursday. “There are much more important things going on in the world. I’m sure I’m not the only person who has done something dumb in their life. I have only myself to blame and now paying the price. I want to say sorry to my parents who say they are embarrassed of me and clarify at the same time that i am not a Jehovah Witness and want none of my worldly behavior to reflect upon the organization.”

Tejano Nation would like to wish the star a speedy recovery.

WATCH: A.B. Quintanilla live from ER after intoxicated fall

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